How to Find My Weather Code for Rainmeter

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Stay ahead of the storm with the weather widget.
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Getting the most out of Rainmeter's weather widget requires you to find your area's weather code. The weather code provide a precise location to the weather widget, ensuring relevant forecast information. The only tool you need to find your local weather code is a Web browser.


Finding Weather Codes

Launch your preferred Web browser and connect to The Weather Channel, Yahoo Weather or MSN Weather. Search for your current location and look at the URL after your location's weather is being displayed. It should look like this example, which is set to San Francisco, California:


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Copy the code segment "USCA0987" and paste it where appropriate in the Rainmeter's settings menu for the weather widget. This menu's location varies depending on the skin you're using. Only use the segment listed -- anything preceding or following it is not necessary and may cause an error in the widget.