How to Find Out How Many Friends I Have on Facebook

By Megan Maier

On a computer Web browser, you find out how many friends you have on Facebook by viewing your Timeline. Finding out how many Facebook friends you have while using your mobile device is more difficult. Instead of using the Facebook app, you visit the Facebook website in your mobile device's Internet browser.

Find Friends

When you log on to Facebook, you see the News Feed on your Facebook Home page. One way to see how many friends you have is to navigate from the Home page to your **Timeline**. Click on **your name** in the upper left corner of the screen. Look for **Friends** between About and Photos. Next to the word **Friends** is the total number of Facebook friends you have. Click on the **Friends** tab to see a breakdown of the different categories of friends or to search for specific friends.Finding out how many friends you have on the Facebook mobile app is not as simple. Rather than count each of your friends individually on the Friends page of the app, go to []( in your phone's browser. Click on the **Menu** icon and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click **Desktop Site** and click your photo on your Home page to go to your Timeline. Your friend count is listed next to **Friends** just as it is on a computer.