How to Find Out How Much Memory a Toshiba Laptop Can Handle

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Toshiba manufactures an extensive line of Windows-based laptops designed to support a large amount of random-access memory. Called RAM, it is the short-term memory applications access to perform their tasks. To find out how much total memory a Toshiba laptop can handle, look it up in the manual that comes with the machine or, simpler still, check it out online. You probably know how much RAM Toshiba has already loaded into your laptop, but if not, follow these steps.


Step 1

Check the box your computer came in if you've just purchased a new machine or bought a used one still in its original carton. The memory amount will be indicated on the back of the box under the computer's details and specifications. If you don't have this printed material, go to the computer's internal options and folders.


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Step 2

Turn on your Toshiba laptop, click the "Start" menu on the lower left of your desktop and click "Computer" to access its memory options. Click "Partition" to view the total amount of RAM now available on your computer. This number, measured in bytes (mega for millions and giga for billions), will be indicated on the top or the bottom of your current window.


Step 3

Visit one of the many memory-upgrade sites available online—, and, among others—to learn the maximum RAM your Toshiba model can accommodate. If you want to increase memory size beyond the amount already built into your computer, you can buy additional RAM directly from one of those online sites, you can shop elsewhere or you can take your machine to a technician for an upgrade.





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