How to Find Out the Last Number Dialed

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Find out the last number to call you easily.

Some land-based telephones lack convenient features offered by cell phones such as call logs, which display the last number dialed. If you receive a call on a landline phone, but do not have an answering machine and would like to find out who called you so that you can return the call, there is an easy way to dial the last number that dialed you.


Step 1

Pick up your telephone receiver and hit the star (or "*") button, followed by the numbers "6" and then "9." A recorded voice will tell you what number just dialed yours.

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Step 2

Wait for the phone to begin ringing and then address the person who answers. Let the person know that you believe you just received a call from this number and ask the person if he or she tried calling you. If the person says that he or she did not call you, proceed to step 3.


Step 3

Contact your phone company. Tell a customer service representative the date and time that you received the call in question. The phone company has a record of all calls placed to and from your phone number. Ask the phone company to tell you what the number was that dialed yours at the time and date in question.





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