How to Find Out What TV Cable Company Services My Area

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Choosing a cable television provider can be a challenge and sometimes the hardest part is finding which companies are available in your area. Urban areas usually provide more selection than rural ones but there are also cases when one major provider might have a lock on whole neighborhoods. With a little research, you can figure out which television cable companies are available in your area.


How To Find Out

Step 1

Check your local Yellow Pages listings for cable providers in your area. Once you have a list, call each provider and ask about their service area.

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Step 2

Use a search engine such as to locate service providers in your area. You can search using your ZIP code or street address.


Step 3

Check your mailbox. Cable television providers send promotions and deals through snail mail on a frequent basis. If you have received such a mailer, then that provider most likely covers your area. If you just moved into the area, many cable companies will send out welcome packages offering introductory deals on cable television services.



Step 4

Ask your neighbors. If you just moved to the area, your neighbors can tell you which cable companies service the neighborhood.

Step 5

If you are moving, ask your current cable provider if they have coverage in your new area.



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