How to Find Out Who a Telephone Number Is Registered To?

By Susan Miskelly

These days, it seems that almost everyone has 2 or 3 telephone numbers. With almost 6.5 billion possible telephone numbers in the United States, it's tough to keep track of your contacts. When you find a slip of paper with just a telephone number on it, how can you find out who it belongs to? It may be easier than you think.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone number
  • Internet access
  • Telephone directory

Step 1

Enter the telephone number into a search engine such as Google. This is often the quickest, most direct way to find out who holds a certain telephone number.

Step 2

Enter the telephone number into a specialized website like Sites such as this sometimes promise to locate unlisted numbers or cell numbers, but they don't always deliver.

Step 3

Sign up for caller ID service from your telephone service provider. Caller ID will often display the name of the caller on your telephone along with the number, especially if the caller uses the same telephone service.

Step 4

Look up the number in your telephone directory's numerical section, if available. This section lists telephone subscribers by number rather than by name and is easily searchable.

Tips & Warnings

  • Enter the number with and without dashes when using online search tools. Sometimes the use of dashes will yield different results.