How to Find Out Who Is Texting You From a Textfree Texting Number

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For those individuals who, for whatever reason, have chosen not to use their standard phone plan for texting, apps such as Textfree or TextMe offer a convenient and powerful alternative. Using the Textfree mobile app, individuals can send an unlimited number of free messages to friends and family, as well as engage in free calling as needed.


The Textfree app operates by assigning each user a unique number. After importing your phone's contacts into the app, you can quickly begin calling and texting using the Textfree assigned number as your particular identifier. Given the fact that this number is not your actual phone number, it is quite possible that some individuals may not recognize you when you text them. The inverse could also be true when you begin receiving calls or text messages through the app. Although this may seem like a frustrating inconvenience, you can quickly begin linking names and Textfree numbers using a few simple steps. If you have been wondering, "I think someone is texting me from a fake number," these steps can also be used to answer this concern as quickly as possible.


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Initiating Your Research

When Textfree imports contacts into your account, individuals from your contact list who attempt to contact you will appear alongside their specific Textfree number. With this information, you should be able to quickly identify a known contact in the event that you receive a message or a call from a number that you do not immediately recognize. This particular feature of Textfree can prove to be quite invaluable if your contact list is very long and you chose to important all of your current list into the Textfree app.


Textfree or Text Me App Number Lookup

However, this particular method might not prove to be very helpful in situations where a number texts you that is not affiliated with a known contact. In the event that you still cannot determine who is texting you after querying them, your best solution may be to send a message to Pinger, the owner of Textfree or TextMe Inc., the owner of TextMe. Using their online support system, you can notify system administrators of any messages that you are receiving which feel harassing or intimidating. These individuals should be able to move quickly to address the problem.


Moving Forward With This Process

Textfree or TextMe can assist you with harassing texts or phone calls, but they are not legally allowed to divulge the information of users. How services choose to handle user privacy is their concern. Text mail number lookup and Textfree's assistance offerings are two such tools which allow you to begin remedying these problems, even if privacy rules remain in effect.

Remember, however, that you are entitled to your own safety and security. In the even that messages are deemed a threat to your personal safety, you should notify the appropriate authorities as soon as possible and attempt to block the unidentified number.