How to Find Out Your Bluetooth PIN

By Thomas McNish

Bluetooth is a technology that allows devices to connect with one another wirelessly, over a short distance. When wireless devices are first connected via Bluetooth, the user is often required to enter a passkey, or PIN. This is usually a four-digit code that comes with your Bluetooth device. If you're attempting to connect your Bluetooth device but can't find the PIN, there are a few default locations you should begin looking in, and a couple of default PINs that work on many different Bluetooth devices.

Step 1

Try entering "0000," "1111" or "1234" when your device asks for a PIN. These are some of the most common default Bluetooth PINs.

Step 2

Refer to your device's user manual. If you've lost your manual, you may be able to find it in a downloadable .pdf form at the manufacturer's website.

Step 3

Look for a sticker located on or inside the device. You may need to open a panel or pop off the device's battery cover to find it. Sometimes Bluetooth device manufacturers will also use the last four digits of the device's serial number, so locating this number may also help you find your PIN.

Step 4

Check your phone or computer's Bluetooth settings. Often, these are found under the "General Settings" menu, followed by the "Bluetooth" sub-menu. Look for an option in this Bluetooth sub-menu called "Passcode" or "Passkey." Open this option to find your Bluetooth PIN.

Step 5

Call the tech support department of the company that manufactured your Bluetooth device. They may be able to track down your Bluetooth PIN for you.