How to Find PPV on a Time Warner Cable Box

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Pressing the Guide button on your Time Warner Cable remote brings up the on-screen guide. Any channel listed as PPV or On-Demand is a pay-per-view channel. The exact channel number for PPV channels varies depending on your location, so check out Time Warner's PPV channels list to find the channel numbers in your area. Each available event or program has its own dedicated channel, making it easiy to locate a show you're interested in from the list.

Event Purchases

There are two ways to order PPV events from Time Warner Cable: over the phone or using your remote. To order over the phone, call 1-800-892-2253 and follow the prompts to purchase a program. To order with the remote, tune to the channel where the show is coming on, press B on the remote. Confirm the purchase and wait for your show to start.


Every PPV event starts at a specific time, and in most cases, it runs continually over the course of its run. Unless you're all right with starting late, make sure you don't purchasing an event already in progress by selecting the next upcoming showing.

Reasons for Unavailability

There are several possible causes for a PPV program purchase to fail, ranging from technical difficulties to issues with your account. You can address technical problems yourself in most cases. Issues your with your account require you to contact Time Warner Cable.

Box Requires Reset

From time to time, your cable box may require a reboot to restore proper functionality. If technical errors are keeping you from ordering a PPV event, a reboot may fix the problem.

Step 1

Turn off the cable box using the Power button on the remote control or the box itself.

Step 2

Unplug the power cord from the set-top box and wait 30 seconds for the box to completely shut down.

Step 3

Plug the cord back in and wait for the box to power back up. When the time and channel appear on the front of the box, turn on the TV and the box and try to order the program.

Connection Problems

When rebooting the set-top box doesn't fix the problem, there may be problems with your connection. Check the coaxial cable connecting your cable box to the wall to make sure it's properly connected. If your TV or cable box is connected using a cable splitter, check the splitter for a proper connection. If the connection is secure, try disconnecting it and connecting your TV or cable box directly to the coaxial cable. If you still have problems, contact Time Warner Cable customer service. There may be an interruption in service or a fault in your cable box's hardware.

PPV Limit Reached

Your Time Warner Cable account may have a limit on PPV content, as determined by Time Warner Cable based on your credit results. If your account has a limit, then you may have reached or exceeded your limit. Contact Time Warner Cable customer service to find out if your account has a limit imposed on it.

Delinquent Account

Your ability to purchase PPV programming may be restricted if your Time Warner Cable account is past due. In this case, the only way to restore PPV purchasing to your account is to pay the due amount. Contact Time Warner Cable for more details regarding payment options and restoring access to PPV content.