How to Find Skype Groups

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Skype lets you organize your contacts into groups.

Skype is a program designed to help with communications. It allows you to call people from your computer, and gives you the option of organizing your contacts into groups. You can then call the entire group or send one text to the entire group. While this can be helpful if you have lots of contacts, it can be hard to find the specific group you’re looking for if you make multiple groups.


Step 1

Open Skype.

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Step 2

Click inside the search box in the left half of the screen, just above the “Conversations” tab and just to the right of the “New” drop-down menu.


Step 3

Type any part of the name of the group into this box. For example, if you had a group called, “Friends from high school,” you could search by “friends,” “high” or “school” and you would probably find the group. Choose the most specific terms possible for your search. For instance, if you also had a group called “Ben’s friends” and one called “Friends from college,” you probably would not want to use “friends” as your search term because this would bring up all these groups. As you begin typing, Skype will automatically rule out all the contacts, conversations and groups that do not fit your search term or terms.



Step 4

Look at the remaining items in the box directly below the search box. Any groups matching your search term or terms will be displayed in this box. From here, you can click on the group you were looking for and message, call or text the group.




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