How to Find Someone's Mobile Phone Number

With so much access to each other's lives through technology, especially social media, finding someone's mobile phone number is not as difficult as it once was. In fact, this information is likely a keyboard click away. Usually, all it takes is knowing one piece of personal information, such as a name, address or email. There are even websites that specialize in finding sensitive information, including creative ways telemarketers and others can find your number.

It Begins with a Name

The first place to start is with the person's first and last name. Type both into Google, Bing or your favorite online search engine and click "Search." If the person entered her cell phone number anywhere online, the site where it is located usually pops up in the search results. If that is unsuccessful, try typing the city or state where the person is located next to her name. For example, "Jane Doe California" or "Jane Doe Los Angeles." Refining your search parameter this way can often lead to better results. You can also try searching by nickname, email and street address.

Computer Usernames

Another trick you can use to uncover a cell phone number is searching the person's username online. Often, people use the same username and password across media platforms, whether they're logging into their email, bank account or social media pages online. For example, if Jane Doe uses "JaneDoeAwesome" as the username for her Bank XYZ checking account, chances are she has used the same username elsewhere online and has attached her cell phone number to one or more of those profiles. To give it a try, type the username into your search engine, click "Search" and wait. If the person's cell phone number is attached to an account under her username, it'll come back in your search results.

Try Social Media

The primary purpose of social media sites is to share information with others. Users upload tons of personal details, including phone numbers, as a way to keep in touch. This is what makes social networking sites like Facebook a potential goldmine. For example, you can search for a particular profile on Facebook by entering a name, email address or phone number in the search box. You can also browse the friend list of a mutual acquaintance to find it. Once you locate the profile you're looking for, you can retrieve her cell phone number from the Contact and Basic Info section on her "About" page.

Alternative Search Engines

You can attempt to find a cell phone number by using alternative search engines geared toward finding personal information. You can search for a person's cell phone number on New Ultimates, for example, by running either a name or email search. New Ultimates scourers various white and yellow pages, trip planners and email directories for the data. People search engines, such as Zabasearch, are also helpful resources since they are dedicated to the task of finding people and typically include public records in the data searched.