How to Find the Last Number of the Last Phone Call Received

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If you were not quite fast enough to answer the phone before it stopped ringing, you can still find out the number that called. Almost all cellular phones offer a call history, which allows you to see the last calls made or received on your phone. If you have a land line phone, then dialing a special "Vertical Service Code" will give you the last number that called.

Cell Phones

Step 1

Press "Menu" on your cellular phone.

Step 2

Select "Call History," "Call Records" or "Recent Calls."

Step 3

Select "Missed Calls" or "Incoming Calls." The most recent missed call should be automatically highlighted.

Step 4

Select "View" to see the number of the last call.

Land Line Phones

Step 1

Pick up the receiver and wait until you hear a dial tone.

Step 2

Dial "*69."

Step 3

Listen for the recording relaying the last number that called you.