How to Find the Model Number for a MacBook

The MacBook model number provides information about the components in your computer.
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The model number for your MacBook can help you when it comes time to order parts or upgrade components for your computer. MacBooks show the model number in two main places, on the bottom of the MacBook's casing and on the retail box. If you no longer have access to these materials, the search for your MacBook model becomes a bit more difficult, but not impossible. In instances like this, you can locate your MacBook model number by using the Apple Support website to find it.

Checking the Case and Box

Step 1

Turn your MacBook over and look for the text located on the bottom casing.

Step 2

Look for the segment of text that shows the "Model No:" text. Model numbers start with one or two letters, followed by a series of numbers.

Step 3

Locate the retail box your MacBook came in and view the model number information on the sticker. The sticker usually appears on the outside flap.

Look up Your Model Number

Step 1

Click the Apple menu in the Finder bar on your MacBook and select "About This Mac..." from the drop-down menu.

Step 2

Select the "More Info..." button.

Step 3

Click the "System Report..." button and click on "Hardware."

Step 4

Look in the Model Identifier section to find your model number.

Step 5

Check the Apple Support site and match your model identifier with the current line of MacBook Pro or MacBook Air model numbers (link in Resources). The website gives you the complete model number without the two-digit country code.

Step 6

Check the country code list to determine the missing two-digit country code on the Apple Support website. For those based in the United States, use country code "LL."


If you use the support site to find your model number, you won't get the complete model information. The "xx" number in the model number refers to the country where you purchased the MacBook. Usually, you don't need the two-digit country code, since the part number identifies the components used in the MacBook. The two-digit country code only tells you what country you purchased the device in.

Custom-built computers may not match with the model numbers available on the Apple Support website.


Information in this article applies to the 2014 line of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers. It may vary slightly or significantly with other products or versions.

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