How to Find the Model of My Gateway Laptop

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Gateway used to be a major player in the computer manufacturing industry, but competitor firm Acer acquired it in 2007. As of 2014, the Gateway brand continues as an Acer subsidiary and has a limited line of products. If you want to upgrade or replace any of your Gateway laptop components, you'll need to know your computer's model number so that you can purchase compatible hardware.


Gateway Laptops Newer than October 2008

For a Gateway laptop manufactured before October 2008, look on the bottom side of the laptop for a white sticker. The model number will be printed there, directly above the serial number.

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For a Gateway laptop manufactured since October 2008, look at the bottom side of the laptop for the white sticker and find the "SNID" code or the serial number. Then go to Acer's "System Information" page (see Resources) and enter either the SNID or the serial number to see information about your computer, including the model number.


Other Ways to Find the Model Number

Your laptop owner's manual lists the the model number on the cover. If you still have it, you can also find the model number on the invoice you got when you purchased the computer.

On laptops manufactured since October 2008, you can see the model number by loading the BIOS screen. Turn off the computer, then power it back on and press and hold "F2" on your keyboard right away. Continue to hold it until the BIOS screen loads.


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