How to Find the PIN Number on Your Cell Phone

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You may have several passwords for your phone, including a password or passcode used to log in to the account and a phone PIN used to access your account. If you need to obtain or reset the PIN on your account, contact your phone carrier. If you forgot an Android password or iPhone passcode, reset it using your device itself.


Find or Reset Phone PIN

Cellphone carriers generally allow you to set a PIN on your account. You normally need to provide the PIN to make changes to your account, such as porting your phone number to another carrier or adding devices or lines to your account. When you set your PIN, you should make an effort to remember it or store it in a secure place.


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If you do forget your PIN, you can contact your carrier for help. Each of the major cellphone carriers provides ways to reset the PIN online, in person or over the phone. Usually, you'll create a new PIN rather than be provided with the old one.

Visit your carrier's website and sign in to your account to reset the PIN. To sign in online, you'll most likely need your username and password for your cellphone company's site, such as you would for online billing. You may also be prompted for other information, such as your billing address or answers to security questions you provided when you set up your account.


If, for some reason, you can't reset your password online, give your cellphone company a call or drop by one of its stores. You may be asked to show a government-issued ID or provide information from it in order to verify your identity.

Reset an iPhone Passcode

Your passcode on an iPhone or another phone is separate from your account PIN. For security's sake you should try to keep them separate.


If you forgot the passcode on your iPhone, or you've been locked out of the device after trying to enter incorrect codes too many times, you can erase the device and restore it from backups and information you've saved to Apple's cloud. Connect your phone to a computer with iTunes and either restore from a backup in iTunes or enter the device's recovery mode.


If you need help, you can stop by an Apple Store for assistance.

Forgot an Android Password?

Similar to an iPhone, an Android phone may lock you out for security purposes if you repeatedly enter an incorrect password or login swipe pattern.


You can usually reset the password using your linked Google account. Tap the "Forgot Pattern" button on the phone's login screen and enter your Google username and password. Tap "Sign In" and choose a new password.