How to Find Your Metro PCS Security Code

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Sometimes your memory can help you find the code.

Your MetroPCS phone comes with a hidden security feature that prevents malicious users from accessing your phone's menu, address book and account information. Enter a four-digit security code to unlock the subsidy code. If you can't remember the code, find it in your user manual or have a MetroPCS associate help you locate it.


Step 1

Enter the security code found in your user manual. The default code is typically "0000." Then press the "OK" button.

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Step 2

Enter the last four digits of your mobile number. Also use this code to unlock your phone. Press the "OK" button when complete.

Step 3

Guess at your subsidy lock code. It could be the your birth date, the last four digits of your Social Security number, your ZIP code or favorite sequence of numbers.

Step 4

Call MetroPCS customer service. Explain that you locked your phone, and need a Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) code. Provide your account information and mobile number, the model and manufacturer of your phone, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.



Step 5

Bring your phone to a MetroPCS store. Explain the situation to an associate and ask to have your phone flashed. Flashing requires restoring your phone to its original settings, and resetting the subsidy code.

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