How to find your static IP address

By Techwalla Contributor

Find a static ip address by using this step by step guide. This article will show you how to look up your static address on your computer.

Step 1

Understand what a static ip address is. Basically, having a static ip address just means that each time you power up your computer, you will have the same ip address on the internet. This is different from a dynamic ip address which can change. However, finding out your static ip address, is similar to finding out any ip address (like a dynamic address).

Step 2

Try using a website. To quickly find out your static ip address use the "What is My IP address website" (see resources below). As soon as you go to the website, it'll show you exactly what your ip address is.

Step 3

If that doesn't work, then open up the command prompt in windows (start->run->cmd).

Step 4

Next, run "ipconfig" in the command prompt. This just means typing in "ipconfig" with no quotes and press enter. Your static IP address will be displayed in the command prompt.

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