How to Fix a Bent CD

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CDs can bend and warp from being exposed to heat.

Both CDs and DVDs can bend and warp from being exposed to heat and by being stored improperly in a wallet. Crowding or jamming CDs into a CD wallet can bend the CDs out of shape, cracking them, losing data and possibly damaging or getting stuck in your computer's CD drive. Fix your bent CD to prevent data loss and computer damage.


Step 1

Clean your CD with a microfiber cloth and CD cleaning solution, rubbing it gently from the middle hole to the outer edges. Dry it thoroughly.

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Step 2

Place the CD in a self-sealing plastic bag and then into a bowl of water that is about 100 degrees. Leave it in the water for about an hour. Remove the CD and plastic bag from the bowl of water and the CD from the plastic bag. Gently flatten the CD on a level surface.


Step 3

Place the CD in between two pieces of glass or wrap it in a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching it if the CD is still not as flat as you want it.


Step 4

Put 10 lbs. of books directly on top of the CD, and leave them this way for two to three days.

Step 5

Remove the books and check for flatness and cracks in the CD.




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