How to Fix a Frozen BlackBerry

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Virtually all technological devices fall victim to an occasional frozen screen because they run on an operating system or software that can hiccup and stop working for many reasons. A frozen BlackBerry screen may result from trying to perform too many functions at once or from a network connection error. Perform a soft reset or a hard reset of your hand-held device to fix your BlackBerry smartphone.


Step 1

Press the "Alt," "Caps," and "Delete" keys at the same time. This will perform a soft reset of your BlackBerry. The BlackBerry device will reboot. If the frozen screen doesn't disappear, proceed to Step 2.


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Step 2

Locate the "Reset" button on the back of the smartphone (the button may be under the battery cover or on the bottom).


Step 3

Press the button by using the tip of pin or paperclip. This will perform a hard reset of your phone. No data will be lost.


Step 4

Power on your BlackBerry device. The frozen screen has been fixed.