How to Fix a Stuck Key on a BlackBerry

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Restore your BlackBerry's functionality by unsticking the keys.
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The keyboard on a BlackBerry Curve, Bold or Q10 is essential to using the phone. A stuck key practically renders your phone useless. BlackBerry suggests that you should stay away from liquid or aerosol cleaners or solvents and only clean the keyboard with a soft, clean cloth. If this gentle measure isn't solving your problem, try a little more force to unstick your BlackBerry key.


Reboot Your Phone

If your BlackBerry keyboard is missing or duplicating letters when you type, you can try resetting your phone. While your BlackBerry is on, take off the back cover and pull out the battery. Wait a minute, replace the battery and cover, and then reboot the phone. This can clear up any software issues that may be causing your keys to malfunction.


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Clean the Keyboard

If the software isn't the issue, try some gentle mechanical methods of removing debris under the keys. Spray keyboard cleaner or compressed air around the key. Aim the nozzle to direct air underneath the stuck key. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently brush under the keys and dislodge any debris.