How to Fix Bent Pins in a Cell Phone Charger

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Many cell phone chargers use pins, housed inside a plug, to connect to a phone. These pins are often quite delicate, and can easily bend if hit against something or inserted at the wrong angle. Though severely bent pins often cannot be repaired except by a professional, most can be fixed at home using regular household tools. Be aware before beginning that there is a risk of one of the pins snapping off, rendering the charger useless.


Step 1

Look at the cell phone charger's plug to identify which pins have been bent. If the pins are difficult to see with the naked eye, use a magnifying glass to get a closer look. Note the most obviously bent ones, and continue looking to ensure there aren't any other damaged pins.

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Step 2

Grasp the tip of one of the bent pins using a thin pair of tweezers. Gently pull the pin towards the straight position. If the pin is severely bent, it may take a lot of pulling to get it perfectly straight. Repeat this process on any other pins that are bent.


Step 3

Plug the charger into the phone, making sure you don't use excessive force. If resistance is encountered, remove the plug and inspect it again, straightening any pins that are bent or misaligned. Repeat this process until the plug inserts into the phone without significant resistance.




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