How to Fix Distorted Audio on My Computer

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While not as troublesome as hard drive problems or other hardware failures, distorted audio can prove quite irritating nonetheless. Fixing distorted audio on your computer is best accomplished by reinstalling the audio drivers for your computer. These are the files which tell the computer how to use your audio device. Repairing these files will therefore repair the quality of your audio.


Step 1

Navigate to the webpage of your audio card manufacturer.

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Step 2

Click on the "Support" page and go to the "Drivers" download section.

Step 3

Enter in the model number of your audio card and press "Search."


Step 4

Download the latest audio driver for your system. Save the file to your desktop.

Step 5

Open "Start," click the "Control Panel," and open the "Device Manager."


Step 6

Open the "Sound Controllers" menu, click on the entry for your sound card, select "Drivers," and click "Update Driver."

Step 7

Click on your desktop as the area to search. This will install the updated driver.

Step 8

Restart your computer.