How to Fix My VOD Error

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VOD stands for "Video on Demand." The VOD error occurs in a DVR player when it is unable to play a video on your television. There are various reasons why you may encounter a VOD error. Some of them include -- but are not limited to -- system errors, credit issues and insufficient memory. Certain troubleshooting techniques can help you fix your VOD errors.


Step 1

Conduct a power cycle for your DVR box. Unplug the box from the electrical outlet. Wait for at least 15 seconds. Plug it back into the electrical outlet. This will force your DVR box to reboot and refresh.

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Step 2

Order your Video on Demand at a later time, if the VOD server is still in the startup mode and unable to process your request.


Step 3

Check credit issues. You may get a VOD error if the credit limit for VOD has been met for your account. Log in to your service provider website and make a payment immediately.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Reset/Power" button, if you use a MOXI box. This button is located on the bottom right corner of the box. Re-order the title once the box boots up.



Step 5

Troubleshoot the VOD configuration error. Order a random free VOD program -- not what you originally ordered -- from the available listings. If that works out fine, re-order the program you actually want to watch.

Step 6

Call your service provider and report the VOD error code that is displayed on your screen. Follow the instructions given to you by the customer representative. You may need to meet with a technician.

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