How to Fix the Aspect Ratio on an RCA TV

An RCA widescreen television can display images in both widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3 formats. The two widescreen modes allow you to select whether or not you want to display the image with overscan. Overscan crops a small area around the edges of the picture and zooms the rest of the image to fit the entire screen. The standard 4:3 mode shows the image with black bars on the left and right sides, but does not distort the picture. There are also options to make 4:3 images fill the screen by cropping top and bottom or stretching the image.

Step 1

Press the "ASPECT" button to toggle through the TV's aspect ratios.

Step 2

Select "Wide" mode for widescreen images with overscan.

Step 3

Choose "Normal" mode for standard 4:3 images.

Step 4

Pick "Zoom" to fill the screen with a 4:3 image by cropping the top and bottom.

Step 5

Select "Cinema" to fill the screen with a 4:3 image by stretching the sides of the picture.

Step 6

Enable "Dot-to-Dot" to display widescreen images without overscan.

Step 7

Choose "Auto" to allow the TV to select the aspect ratio based on the input source.

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