How to Fix the Sound on My Toshiba Laptop

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Toshiba makes laptop computers as well as desktop computers.

Your Toshiba laptop computer has two speakers built into its case, allowing you to do things like listen to music files or hear the audio from video files either on your hard drive or over the Internet. If the sound has dropped out on your computer, it could be due to a few common reasons. Luckily, fixing the sound on your Toshiba laptop computer is something that can be accomplished in just a few minutes.


Step 1

Make sure the sound was not unintentionally muted. Double-click on the "Speakers" icon on your task bar (called "Volume" in versions of Windows that are XP and earlier) to bring up the "Volume Control" window. Make sure none of the lines on your sound card are muted or turned all the way down.

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Step 2

Make sure that any external speakers you are using with your laptop are properly connected. If you're using an external speaker setup with your Toshiba laptop, make sure that the cables that run off of your speakers are properly plugged into the sound card inputs on the back of the computer's case. For example, the blue cable should be plugged into the blue input.


Step 3

Reinstall the driver for your sound card. Look in the manual that came with your Toshiba laptop and then go to its manufacturer's website. Search for your exact model number of sound card and then download and install its driver. If your driver becomes corrupted, your computer will have no idea what to do with your sound card and you will not be able to hear any audio. Reinstalling this driver will fix that.

Step 4

Run "Windows Update." Click "Start" and then "All Programs." Click "Windows Update" and then click "Download and Install" if any updates are available. If any sound problems with your Toshiba laptop computer are a result of a problem with Windows, they will likely be fixed just by downloading and installing the latest software updates for your operating system directly from Microsoft.