How to Fix Your Magic Jack Connection

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MagicJack is a USB-based phone service that runs directly through the high speed Internet connection used on your computer. This allows you to eliminate the phone service at your home, possibly saving you hundreds of dollar a year. However, if your MagicJack is not functioning properly, there are a few methods you must use in order to troubleshoot the problems occurring with the equipment.


Step 1

Inspect the phone cable running from the rear of the MagicJack USB hardware into your phone. If the cable is not completely inserted into the two devices, the phone is unable to connect to the Internet phone service.


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Step 2

Disconnect the MagicJack from your computer, then insert it into a different connection port on the computer. Some USB ports are unable to understand specific hardware, so changing the USB connection corrects this issue.


Step 3

Check the power on your high speed Internet modem. If the modem is not turned on, the MagicJack USB adapter is not going to work.


Step 4

Log on to the MagicJack website ( and register the device. If you have not yet registered the connection, the device is not going to connect you to the telephone service.