How to Footnote a Table

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Microsoft Word can footnote a table.

Microsoft Word 2010 can insert footnotes to include documentation information or comments at the bottom of a page. The footnote contains a note reference mark, such as "1," and the footnote text under a separator line. The "References" tab includes commands that can footnote a layout element, such as a table. A footnote for a table can include the source of data and other information for analysis.


Step 1

Open the MS Word document containing the table.

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Step 2

Click the "References" tab on the command ribbon.

Step 3

Click on the table cell where you wish to insert the footnote reference mark.


Step 4

Click the "Insert Footnote" button in the "Footnotes" group. The layout contains the footnote. The cursor moves to the footnote text area.


Step 5

Type the footnote text under the horizontal separator line near the bottom of the page.


To change the footnote format, click the lower-right arrow in the "Footnotes" dialog box launcher. A "Footnote and Endnote" dialog box opens. Select the preferred "Number format" option. For example, "A, B, C" or "i, ii, iii." Other "Format" options include "Numbering" and "Apply changes to." Click "Insert." The dialog box closes. The footnotes change format.