How to Format Page Numbers in Microsoft Word

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How to Format Page Numbers in Microsoft Word. When you number pages within a document in Microsoft Word, you get automatic numbering with one simple click of the mouse. You may find the need to format those page numbers if you would like your page numbers to function differently or appear with a different style.


Step 1

Start Microsoft Word and start a new blank document. If you prefer, you can open an existing document which contains page numbers you'd like to format.

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Step 2

Choose the "Insert" menu and click on "Page Numbers..." to open the "Page Numbers" dialog box.


Step 3

Use this dialog box to specify the page number position, alignment of the page numbers and first page number option. Your changes will be reflected in the preview window on the right side of the dialog box.

Step 4

Click the "Format..." button at the bottom of the "Page Numbers" dialog box to open the "Page Number Format" dialog box.


Step 5

Select the number format you would like to apply to your page numbers.

Step 6

Check the "Include chapter number" box to include chapter numbers into your page numbering. Specify how you want these to start and be separated in your Word document.


Step 7

Set the page numbering to continue from the previous section or start a particular section of the document and click the "OK" button on the "Page Number Format" and the "Page Numbers" dialog boxes to close them and apply the formatting changes to your page numbers.


You can change the style of your page numbers by selecting the page number within your header or footer and changing the text using the Formatting toolbar.