How to Forward a Phone Landline

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If you're expecting an important phone call at home on your landline phone, but you won't be there to answer it, you can still get the phone call by forwarding your landline phone to another phone, such as your cell phone. Make sure that you don't miss something important, like a job offer call or doctor's call. Forwarding a landline phone is so simple that you can have it done in just a minute or two.


Step 1

Pick up your touch-tone phone that connects to your landline.

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Step 2

Dial *72 to forward the landline. Dial in the number you want to forward the landline to.

Step 3

Wait to see if anyone answers the number you dialed. When someone answers, the forwarding goes into effect. If no one answers, hang up, and dial *72 plus the forwarding number again to put the call forwarding into effect.


Step 4

Turn off call forwarding when you're ready by dialing *73 from your landline phone.



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