How to Get a CFC Certificate Online

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Because fraudulent certification may have serious consequences, the key to getting a Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) certificate online is finding a legitimate testing agency. Certifying agencies are subject to change, so finding a qualified program requires diligence. Refrigerant technicians seeking to maintain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance with CFC certification should coordinate with the EPA when in doubt about an online agency. Successful certification enables the purchase of refrigerants and lawful service or disposal of appliances containing them, which means obtaining valid credentials may protect your business from EPA-related violations. Register for an EPA-approved online test that complies with the requirements set forth in Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.


Step 1

Choose a certifying agency from the EPA's list of technician certification programs at This list changes depending on whether certifying agencies maintain good standing with the EPA. Since the status of these agencies can vary due to business closure or other issues, this list may not be complete on the day you check it.


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Step 2

Protect yourself from fraudulent online certificate programs by checking the EPA's list of certifying agencies that no longer qualify to test you. This list is titled, "Revocation of Approval for Certain Technician Certification Programs" and can be found at You'll find the latest update on previously EPA-approved programs no longer authorized to certify technicians or issue valid certification credentials.



Step 3

Verify that an online program not on the EPA's list is an approved EPA certifying agency in good standing. If the online program in which you are interested does not appear on the list of certification programs, send an email to and inquire about the agency's status. You may also send a comment with your inquiry by visiting and include your email address on the form.


Successful completion of the EPA-approved online certification test will earn you a lifetime credential.


Use diligence when seeking to secure a CFC certificate online. Online certification fraud can pose a potentially serious threat to your career.



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