How to Get a Display Off of a Sanyo TV

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If you walk into the television room, you may find some foreign looking displays or menus on your screen. This can easily happen if someone has accidentally sat down on your remote or a child has been playing with it. In some cases, when you try to remove the display you end up with even more displays on your screen. Identify what is currently displaying on your Sanyo TV, and press the correct keys on your remote to remove them.


Step 1

Remove the closed caption text on your screen by pressing the "Caption" key on your remote to cycle through the available digital captions. These words appear while someone on television is speaking. Stop pressing the "Caption" key once you see "Off" displayed on your screen. This turns off the closed caption display.


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Step 2

Press the "Sleep" key to stop the sleep timer from displaying on the screen. Press it again to display it. Use the "0" key to set the sleep time. A sleep timer will automatically turn off the television after a specified amount of time. If you do not want sleep to be on, press the "0" key until the display says it is off.


Step 3

Push the "INFO" button to turn off the channel information displayed at the top of your screen. This contains the channel number, digital signal and information about the current show you are watching. Pressing "INFO" will turn on and off this information bar.


Step 4

Use the "Menu" key to stop displaying the on-screen menu options. If the HDTV seems to be displaying an options menu for picture, sound, channels and other similar options, pressing the "MENU" key will get all of those menus off your screen.


Step 5

Press the "EXIT" button on the remote to close any other on-screen menu displays on your screen. In addition to the menu options, this will also close screen items, such as your channel guide.




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