How to Get a Fingerprint Scanner on the iPod Touch

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The Ipod touch uses the same technology as the iPhone and Ipad to enable fingerprint scanning.

The touch is the first Ipod that allows you to add the same applications available for Apple's iPhone. Fingerprint scanning applications are no exception. As of Spring 2011 there are multiple fingerprint scanners available for the touch. You can find them and add them in a matter of minutes provided you have access to a wireless Internet -- Wi-Fi -- connection.


Step 1

Press the circular button on the Ipod. This is on the bottom of the device and is the only button that is not on the touchscreen. Touch the Settings icon. This is a gray button with a series of gears inside of it. The settings menu opens. Press the Wi-Fi icon. This has a series of three curves that get larger from bottom to top. This displays all of the Wi-Fi networks available to your Ipod at time of publication.

Step 2

Hold your finger to the screen and slide it up and down to scroll through the network options. Locate the network of your choice and touch it. If it requires a password, the Ipod will display a keypad. Enter the password on the keypad and press the Join button. This is the blue button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.


Step 3

Press the circular button on the Ipod to return to the home screen. Push the App Store button. This is a blue icon with a pencil, a paintbrush and a horizontal line in the form of the letter "A." The Ipod displays the App Store menu. At the bottom is a search button with an icon of a magnifying glass. Press the Search button. A bar appears at the top of the screen, and a keypad appears on the bottom.

Step 4

Enter the words "fingerprint scanner" into the bar by pressing the letters on the keypad. Press the blue Search button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The Ipod displays a list of all the fingerprint scanners currently available for the Ipod Touch. Scroll to the scanner of your choice and press Download. The application may require a fee before you can download it, in which case it will prompt you to enter payment information. Once download begins, the Ipod automatically returns to the home screen and displays the icon for the fingerprint scanner. Inside the icon is a bar that shows its download progress. Once the bar is full, it disappears and the scanner is ready to use.