How to Get a Free Digital Converter Box for a Senior Citizen Without a Coupon

By Techwalla Contributor

The digital tv change is here. Many people have not yet gotten their digital tv converter boxes, and all of the coupons have already been issued. If you are a senior citizen or know a senior who has limit means and needs a box, you can get one by following these short steps:

Step 1

Go to Denny TV Antenna Sales website. See the link under "resources" below.

Step 2

Send an email to the address listed to request a donated converter box.

Step 3

If they have donated converter boxes in stock, they will ship one to you. Remember that this is for senior citizens who have limited incomes, not for everyone. They rely on used boxes donated by people who have changed to cable or have purchased a new tv.

Step 4

Remember that you cannot specifiy a particular model. This is a voluntary service of the store, and may end at anytime. They do not guarantee that they will have any available for you, but it is a resource to check into.

Step 5

If Denny's has no boxes in stock to donate to you, then you could try to get on the waiting list for an expired coupon from the FCC. Many people did not use their coupons, and the FCC is now redistributing those coupons. To find out how to get an expired coupon, see the link below.

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