How to Get an Image URL

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In the age of the digital camera, it's only natural to want to share your photos with as many people as you can. In addition to emailing favorite photos and adding images to websites, it's also fun to post photos on social networking websites like Myspace and Facebook. But in order to do even more with your photos, like use them to create slide shows, blog themes or even get exposure with creating stock photography, it's necessary to get an image URL for the picture before you can create something with it. Giving your photo an image URL is simple; all you have to do is find a website that will host it and give it a permanent internet parking space.


How To Get an Image URL

Step 1

Upload your photos to Photobucket. It takes a few moments to set up an account at this image hosting site, and then you can start uploading your pictures. Photobucket assigns each photo a unique URL that you can use to post your pictures in lots of different places online, like MySpace comment. Photobucket also allows you to create slide shows, scrapbooks, and you can also purchase prints and gift items created from your pictures. To upload your pictures to the site, open your computer files to your photo folders, click on the photos you wish to get a URL for, click on upload and you'll instantly upload them to the site for hosting.


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Step 2

Open a Flickr account. In order to create a Flickr account, you will need a Yahoo! ID, and then you can begin using Flickr to upload, store and share your pictures. This free service allows you to set your photos as public or private, and, if you wish to let other people use them, you can designate them with a Creative Commons Copyright. If you don't want others to be able to use your pictures for their projects, you can designate an "All rights Reserved" copyright to your photos.


Step 3

Set up an account at Stock.xchng. Sotck.xchng is a huge site where you can upload and get a URL for your photos, but lots of web developers, designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs also visit there to find free, professional quality photos they can use for their projects. Even if your photography is just a hobby, if you're looking to get more exposure for your photos, this is a good place to share your work, because each person who uses your photo will have to provide you with a photo credit.




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