How to Get Annual Sales in Excel

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You don't need to learn a complicated Excel function to calculate your company's annual sales. The program's SUM function returns the total sum from all of the values in specific cells. For example, the function can add the value of each cell in a range of consecutive cells, such as a range of cells representing the 12 months of the year. You only need your monthly sales data to use the function to get your annual sales total.


Step 1

Open a new spreadsheet, then enter the name of each month of the year in each cell from A1 to A12. For example, type "January" in cell A1, and then type "February" in cell A2.

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Step 2

Enter the total sales for each respective month in cells B1 through B12. For example, enter sales for the month of January in cell B1, and then enter sales for February in cell B2.


Step 3

Enter "Annual Sales" in cell A13, and then enter "=SUM(B1:B12)" in cell B13.


Step 4

Press the "Enter" key. The SUM function adds the range of values and displays the annual sales number in cell B13.



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