How to Get My Music From Amazon Into iTunes

Once in iTunes, your Amazon MP3s can sync with an iPod or iPhone.
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When you buy digital music from Amazon, you can listen to it on any computer through the Amazon Cloud Player on the Amazon website or through a desktop version of the player. Because Amazon sells its music as MP3 files without digital rights management, you can also download the songs to your computer and add them to your iTunes library. You can either download songs individually or -- with the desktop Cloud Player -- set songs to automatically transfer into iTunes.

Downloading Individual Songs

Step 1

Visit Amazon's website and log in to your account.

Step 2

Hover the mouse over the "Your Account" drop-down menu and click "Your Cloud Player." If you've never used the player before, a pop-up will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions before continuing.

Step 3

Mouse over the song you want to download to display a down arrow to the right of the song's title. Click the arrow and then click "Download."

Step 4

Click "Download my MP3" under the prompt about installing the Cloud Player. You do not actually need the player installed to download individual songs.

Step 5

Enter a name for your computer and click "Authorize Device." This prompt only appears the first time you download a song on your computer.

Step 6

Open iTunes and drag the downloaded MP3 into the iTunes library window.

Automatically Adding Songs

Step 1

Open the desktop version of Amazon Cloud Player. If you've never used it before, log in with your Amazon account.

Step 2

Click the menu icon and pick "Preferences."

Step 3

Choose "iTunes" under the "Export Downloads to" section and then close the preferences window.

Step 4

Drag the songs or albums you want to download into the "Download to my computer" section of the program. When the download finishes, a pop-up displays that the songs have automatically been added to iTunes. You can now quit the Cloud Player and listen to your songs in iTunes, even while not online.


If you want to download multiple songs at a time without using the Cloud Player, install the Amazon MP3 Downloader instead. Amazon no longer promotes the use of this product but still offers it for download as a lightweight alternative.

After downloading your existing purchases from the Cloud Player, you may want to turn on "Automatically download Amazon MP3 Store purchases" in the preferences. Combined with the export to iTunes setting, this keeps your iTunes library up to date with all future music purchases from Amazon.

If you don't see your automatically added songs in iTunes, try restarting iTunes and make sure you have the latest version of the program.


Information in this article applies to Amazon Cloud Player version 2. It may vary slightly or significantly in other versions.

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