How to Get Rid of the Search Bar at the Bottom of Your Screen

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No matter what Web browser you are using, search bars may appear on the screen. These search bars typically allow you to search for content either on the site you are on or just over the Internet in general. However, if you find the search bar on the bottom of the screen is taking up too much room, you can remove it, expanding the amount of content you see on the screen.


Step 1

Launch the browser you are using that has the search bar on the bottom of the screen.

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Step 2

Click the "View" tab and select "toolbars."

Step 3

Unclick the toolbar for the bottom of the screen. If you are unsure which toolbar is which, simply perform trial and error until the bar on the bottom of the screen disappears.


Step 4

Right-click the toolbar if you couldn't find the options on the "View" menu. Select either "Delete" or "Remove" toolbar.


Step 5

Select "Yes" when asked if you are sure you want to remove it. The toolbar now disappears from your screen, if it didn't already.

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