How to Ground a TV Cable Line

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How to Ground a TV Cable Line. Grounding a cable TV line is a great way to eliminate static and improve the signal. The process is so simple and straightforward that it's surprising most people don't do it. Even if you don't have any problems with your signal, grounding the cable can help ensure that you won't lose the signal during storms, bad weather or changes in static in the atmosphere.


Ground a TV Cable Line

Step 1

Buy a CATV single grounding block, a simple connector that can be added to your cable line to ground the signal. This is done outdoors, at the point where the cable enters your home. Connecting the coaxial cable through the grounding block is enough to protect the signal and ensure safe and continuous protection.


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Step 2

Connect a grounding wire (available at home improvement stores) to the grounding block, and then run the wire to the ground. This will take all static from the block itself and ensure that the current has an outlet.

Step 3

Make sure the grounding wire you choose is the right size and thickness. There are basically three types of grounding wire that can be used for TV lines: 8 AWG aluminum, 17 AWG copper-clad and 10 AWG copper.


Step 4

Attach the grounding block and the wire to the wall, near the point of entry into the house. Avoid attaching the grounding block to other buildings or to structures other than the house itself. Doing so may cause more disturbances to the signal than having no grounding system in place at all.



Step 5

Avoid ground loops when grounding your cable TV. Ground loops occur when more than a single electrical connection is grounded in the same place. Even grounding multiple connections near one another can cause the signals to interfere with each other.



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