How to Hack Your TomTom

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If you own a TomTom GPS system for your vehicle and would like to extend its use, there are various hacks that you can apply. This particular hack will show you how to change the vehicle icon that displays on your screen when you are going to your destination.


Keep in mind that some TomTom hacks may void the warranty on your device. Always use caution when applying hacks, especially from unknown sources, as they may render the device inoperable.

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Step 1

Connect your TomTom to your computer. Your device should come with a cable that hooks to your computer's USB port. If you do not have a cable, you will need to either purchase one or contact the manufacturer to get a cable.


Step 2

Download the file linked in the reference section of this article to your computer. It is compressed, so you will need to uncompress it before you can continue.

Step 3

Transfer the files to the SD card on your TomTom. If the folder for your TomTom software does not open when you plug the device in, you can access your device by going to My Computer and selecting the device on that screen.



Step 4

Run TomTom Heaven Explorer. If you do not already have it on your computer, you can download it (see Reference). Run setup.exe to install Heaven Explorer on your computer.

Step 5

Look for the bmp files on your TomTom device. TomTom Heaven Explorer will automatically find your TomTom and will open a list of bmp image files. Find the one you want to use and click Appliquer.

This will change the vehicle icon to the image you just selected.




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