How to Hide Links on Tumblr

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If you have a Tumblr blog, you can customize its appearance to suit your preferences. The default Tumblr theme includes links to Tumblr features, such as your blog's archive and RSS feed. If you prefer not to have those links displayed, you can hide them by editing the theme's code.


Step 1

Click "Customize Appearance."

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Step 2

Click "Theme" and "Use Custom HTML."

Step 3

Press "Ctrl" plus "F" to search for the link in the theme's code. For example, type "archive" to find the link to your blog's archive. You might need to click "Next" a few times to find the appropriate place. You need to locate the "


" tag for the link.

Step 4

Add "{visibility:hidden;}" in the

tag for the link to hide the link. For example:Link text Your actual code may look radically different and be much longer.



Step 5

Click the "Save + Close" button to update the theme.

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Tips & Warnings

  • You can hide any link in Tumblr in the same way, including those you add. However, hidden links can cause Google and other search engines to de-index your Tumblr blog. The best practice is not to hide links. If you must, also include the nofollow attribute.



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