How to Hook Up a TV Antenna to an LCD Monitor

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It is possible to connect a television antenna to your computer monitor.

When watching television via antenna you typically connect the equipment to a TV set. However, it is still possible to view the video from the antenna on an LCD monitor, you just need additional equipment to perform the hook-up. This is helpful if you have an extra monitor lying around the house and don't want to purchase a TV. Because there is no actual tuner installed you must use a digital to analog converter box to receive the broadcast signals.


Step 1

Connect the coaxial cable running from the antenna into the "In" port on the digital to analog converter box.

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Step 2

Plug the RCA video end of the RCA to VGA cable into the "Video Out" port on the converter box.


Step 3

Attach the VGA end of the cable into the "VGA" port on the LCD monitor.


Step 4

Power on the monitor and the converter box. The LCD screen is now able to produce the video signals from the television antenna.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital to analog converter

  • RCA to VGA adapter