How to Hook Up an Equalizer to a Turntable

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Turntables hooked up to an equalizer let you adjust the sound.

An equalizer (EQ) adjusts the sound of stereo components across a range of audio frequencies, typically by using slide controls. This lets you shape the sound quality. So if you like more bass or prefer a balanced sound, the EQ customizes music to your preference. Use a turntable with the EQ to adjust the sound of records. A turntable must be connected to an amplifier for power, regardless of other components in the system. Hooking up the equalizer requires extra audio cables. With this setup, you can also use the EQ for other stereo components in your system.


Step 1

Connect one stereo cable from the two jacks on the back of the turntable to the two jacks typically labeled "Phono" on the amplifier. Match the white and red plugs on each end of the cable to the white and red jacks on the components.

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Step 2

Hook up a second stereo cable from the EQ's output jacks to the tape monitor inputs on the amplifier.


Step 3

Plug in a third cable from the amplifier's tape monitor outputs to the inputs on the EQ.

Step 4

Loosen the knob labeled "GRD" on the back of the amplifier. Attach the black ground wire on the turntable to the post under the knob and tighten the knob. This prevents howling and unwanted feedback when playing your records.



Step 5

Press the "Phono" and "Tape Monitor" buttons on the amplifier to activate the connection between the equalizer and the turntable.




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