How to Import a CSV File to a vCard

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You can import a single vCard contact into Outlook by simply by clicking on a vCard VCF file. If you have several contacts to import into your email application, you can export the contacts as a Comma Separated Value text file and then import the file into your Outlook email client. When you import the CSV file into Microsoft Outlook 2013, the contacts are automatically saved as vCards and can be exported in the VCF file format.


Step 1

Open Outlook, and then click the "File" tab.

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Step 2

Click the "Open & Export" option from the File menu, and then click "Import/Export" to launch the Import/Export wizard.


Step 3

Click "Import from Another Program or File," and then click the "Next" button.

Step 4

Click the "Comma Separated Values" option, and then click "Next" to open the file selector. Browse to and click on the CSV file you want to import.


Step 5

Select the method Outlook will use to handle duplicates from the Options section, and then click "Next." Available options include replace duplicates, create duplicates in Outlook or ignore duplicate records for the import, then click "Next."

Step 6

Browse to your Contacts folder, if it is not selected as the destination by default, and then click "Next" twice.


Step 7

Check the "Import Filename.csv" check box where Filename.csv is replaced by the name of the CSV file to import.

Step 8

Click the "Map Custom Fields" option, and then follow the on-screen instructions to map non-specific or custom fields from the CSV to the Outlook application. For example, if the First Name column in your CSV file is named FirstName or something other than the standard Outlook field name, select the FirstName column from the From box, and then click the "First Name" field in the To box to map the CSV field to the Outlook field. Repeat for each field to define where the CSV data will be imported.


Step 9

Click the "Finish" button when all of the fields are properly mapped to Outlook columns. The CSV file is imported as vCards into your Outlook Contacts list.


To quickly create a vCard in Outlook, open your Contacts list, and then drag and drop the desired contact onto your desktop. The contact’s information is automatically formatted and saved as a vCard virtual business card file.