How to Import a MAT File Into 3DS Max

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If you're an artist who develops projects on the computer, at some point you may need to import a material, or MAT, file into 3DStudio Max. Material files are used to wrap a 3D object in an outer "skin" that gives it a unique appearance -- the computerized equivalent of painting a car or house. Importing a MAT file into 3DS Max is very easy.


Step 1

Open the materials editor from the menus or by using hotkey "M."

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Step 2

Click the "Get Material" button, which looks like a circle with an arrow pointing to it. It's located at the left, just under the rows of pictures of materials.


Step 3

Check "Mtl Library" in the "Material/Map Browser" box that opens.


Step 4

Click "Open."

Step 5

Highlight the file you want in the "Open Material Library" box and click "Open." The MAT file should appear in the materials editor.



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