How to Import Music From a DVD to iTunes

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Importing music into iTunes is simple. The power of the software does the work for you. Even with music on a DVD, iTunes can identify the readable files and add them to your music library. While you won't be able to get cover flow images for the songs, you should have no problem bringing over the music itself. While iTunes is set up to automatically read and import acceptable music file formats (AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, HE-ACC or WAV) you can also isolate these files and manually add them to your iTunes folder.


Step 1

Insert the DVD into your computer disc drive. For the moment, keep iTunes closed. Open a window to view the files on the DVD you just inserted. If this does not happen automatically, click "File," then "My Computer," locate the DVD disc you just inserted and double click on it.


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Step 2

Identify music files on the DVD. ITunes plays the following files formats: AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, HE-ACC and WAV. Find the files on the DVD in these formats that you want to import into your iTunes library.

Step 3

Change the import settings in iTunes. Open iTunes, click "File," then "Preferences." Inside the Preferences window, click on the tab labeled "General" then "Import Settings" about halfway down the window on the right. ITunes is set as a default to AAC but you can change this to mirror the type of file you want to import from your DVD. If you want to bring over a WAV file, select "WAV Encoder" from the drop down menu.



Step 4

Import the desired files into iTunes. Click "File," and then "Add to Library." A browse window appears from which you will need to select the music file that you want to import from your DVD. Browse to this file and click "Ok" (or "Choose" if using a Mac). ITunes will then import the file into your library enabling you to play and listen to it in iTunes.




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