How to Import Music With Windows Media Player

By Zicheng Ren

If you want to build up Windows Media Player as your personal music hub, you need to import a large quantity of music files to Windows Media Player, which conveniently allows you to browse your music with different view options such as artist, genre and album, and has options for visualization and skins to let you personalize your player. How you import your music files varies depending on whether you want to add music from local folders or from CDs. Importing music from a CD is also called "ripping" music.

Importing Local Music to the Library

Step 1

Right-click "Music" on the left-side bar and choose "Manage Music Library."

Step 2

Click "Add" at the prompt to include local music folders.

Step 3

Choose the folder that contains the music files you want to import and click "Include folder."

Step 4

Click "OK" to confirm the importation.

Step 5

Click any category that is under the "Music" section on the left-side bar to check the music that you just imported. You will see your album or files listed in the appropriate sections.

Importing Music From CDs to the Library

Step 1

Click "File" on the menu bar and choose "Open..." to access the CD you have inserted in your PC.

Step 2

Click the optical drive on the left-side bar and click "Open."

Step 3

Click "Rip CD" and the importation starts automatically. After Windows Media Player is done ripping, you will see the newly added music in your "Music" folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Windows Media Players might be set to automatically play a CD when it is inserted. In that case you don't need to open the optical drive and can go straight to Step 3 in Section 2 to import music from your CD.