How to Improve Bluetooth Reception

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A hands-free Bluetooth headset performs best when kept close to the mobile phone.

Bluetooth is a type of connection that allows electronic devices to communicate and share data with each other wirelessly. Devices that commonly use this technology include mobile phones, keyboards, head sets, external hard drives and GPS navigation systems. Because Bluetooth requires signals to receive reception, there are various things that can cause interference. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce this.


Step 1

Make sure there is no metal near the Bluetooth antenna on your electronic device, as this can cause severe reception interference. If the device is a phone, you can purchase a phone case made of plastic or rubber. If you can't locate the antenna on your own, consult the manual that came with the device.


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Step 2

Remove any large items from the area between the two Bluetooth devices you are trying to connect. Clear the area if possible. Also, if you can, move the Bluetooth devices closer together.

Step 3

Turn off all other devices that transmit signals while you use your Bluetooth electronic device, as other signals can interfere with reception.



Step 4

Purchase and install a reception extender specially made for Bluetooth. This can be attached to your computer and can extend reception for up to a mile.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth reception extender

  • Non-metallic phone case