How to Increase Indoor Cell Phone Signal Strength

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There is nothing more frustrating than a dropped cell phone call.

Cell phone signals diminish to nothing when you are indoors causing static or dropped calls. Metal siding and roofs, poor network coverage and the number of cell phone users in your area contribute to the loss of signal. A home cell phone signal booster can increase your indoor cell phone signal strength.

Step 1

Go to and enter your zip code into the "Find Service" field at the top of the page. Locate your current cell phone service provider and write down the "SYSTEM" and "TECHNOLOGY" information listed. You need this frequency information to choose the correct cell phone booster.

Step 2

Shop for a cell phone signal booster online. Enter your cell phone provider's name and the words "cell phone signal booster" into your search engine to find boosters compatible with your cell phone provider. Take the specs from Step 1, your cell phone model and service provider, the size of your home and the number of different providers that are used in your home by friends and family, and use this information to purchase the signal booster appropriate for your needs.

Step 3

Install the external cell phone antenna booster. This unit amplifies the signal, so the better the original signal is, the better the results will be inside. Use your cell phone to find the strongest signal location around your home. Most often this is outside on the roof, in an attic or next to a window. Follow your specific external cell phone antenna booster's installation guide to mount the external signal antenna at the desired location. You must also follow all building and safety codes in your area when installing the external antenna.

Step 4

Set up the cell phone amplifier base unit. The amplifier base unit should be at a different horizontal level than the signal antenna in order to reduce interference and feedback. The best location is at the same level that you spend the most time on your cell phone and where want the best reception inside your home. For example, if you spend a lot of time talking on the phone while sitting on the couch in your living room, set up the cell phone amplifier base unit on an end table next to your couch.

Step 5

Test your booster. Once the external signal antenna is mounted, cable attached, amplifier base unit positioned and electricity applied, it is time to test. Call a friend, chat and walk around. Go to places inside your home that you use to avoid while on the phone. If there is no improvement, you may need to double check that the unit works with your cell phone provider and the frequency your provider is using. If there is some improvement but you think it should be better, you may need to reposition either the external signal antenna or the amplifier base unit.


Make sure you are buying the correct unit for your cell phone provider and that the frequency your provider is using is supported. You can also purchase cell phone signal strength boosters that are just one unit without the external antenna and cabling.


Be careful on that ladder, and observe all building and safety codes. Do not put your external antenna near any type of electrical wiring. As of the date of this publication, the FCC has not outlawed cell phone signal strength boosters; it has taken this into consideration, however. Check the latest legislation to ensure you are not doing something illegal prior to purchasing and installing a cell phone signal strength booster.