How to Insert a Citation

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Word 2010 can create citations and bibliographies from a fillable form.

Microsoft Word 2010 can insert citations in your document. Word can format the citation according to a bibliography style, such as "Chicago Fifteenth Edition." Certain styles, such as the American Psychology Association, are favored for social sciences papers. The References tab on the command ribbon includes fillable forms that format citations and bibliographies. Types of sources can include books, films, sound recordings and web sites. The citation appears between "( )" after the author's quotation.


Step 1

Open the Word document.

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Step 2

Click on the document where you wish to insert the new citation.

Step 3

Click the "References" tab on the command ribbon.

Step 4

Click the arrow in the "Style" text box. A list of styles includes "MLA Sixth Edition" and "APA Fifth Edition." Select the style for your research.


Step 5

Click the "Insert Citation" button in the "Citations & Bibliography" group. A short list of options appears.

Step 6

Click the "New Source" option. A "Create Source" fillable form appears.

Step 7

Select "Type of Source" from the list. For example, "Book", "Film" or "Sound Recording."

Step 8

Type the data in the text boxes.


Step 9

Click "OK." The citation inserts in the document. The citation also copies to the "Insert Citation" menu for quick access when you need to quote this reference again.


Citation styles can update their formats. Check with the specific style's website for recent changes.