How to Insert a Paragraph Sign in a Word Document

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Paragraph marks help you identify paragraph breaks in your document.
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You can identify paragraph formatting in your Microsoft Word 2013 document using the Show/Hide command in the Paragraph group of the Home ribbon. Paragraph marks are not included when you print your document. You can insert paragraph marks as special characters, or enable hidden text in your print options, to display the paragraph sign on printed documents.


Displaying and Inserting Paragraph Marks

To view all of the hidden paragraph marks in your document, click the "Show/Hide" command (resembling a paragraph mark symbol of a backwards letter "p") in the Paragraph group of the Home ribbon. Alternatively, press "Ctrl-*" to toggle this command. You can also insert a paragraph mark as a special character into the text of your document. Click the "Insert" tab, the "Symbol" button in the Symbols group and then "More Symbols…" Click on the "Special Characters" tab, select "Paragraph" under Character, click "Insert" and then "Close."


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Printing Paragraph Marks

By default, paragraph marks are excluded from your document when printing unless inserted it as a special character. You can adjust your print settings to include hidden text, such as paragraph marks, using the Print Options screen. Click on the "Page Layout" tab. Click the "Page Setup" button, resembling a small box with an arrow, in the bottom right of the Page Setup group. Click the "Print Options…" button, check the "Print Hidden Text" box under Printing Options and then click "OK." When you print your document, the hidden paragraph marks will be included.





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